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My site update is here!

2007-07-25 14:41:45 by ecw-studios

I just updated my site with a lot more features. For the past week or two I learned more about php/mysql and i was able to add a sign up/login form on my site and a flash email form. Please sign up and post your art and flash. Updates should happen often just as long as you guys could help me!!


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2007-08-02 09:57:37

Man, your site needs A LOT of work. Like, it's pretty terrible. I can hardly read anything on it. And why is the enter page just HTML? Just because it's a .tk doesn't mean it has to look bad.


2007-10-24 18:12:01

It looks really cool, it's cool when people actually make their own sites instead of just using like geo or some other crap.


2007-11-17 20:05:08

The scrolling text hurts my eyes, but that's a rad set up. :-)