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which sig to use

2008-08-18 10:01:01 by ecw-studios


PSP Grounds

2008-07-13 19:00:05 by ecw-studios

PSP Grounds is a site i just made. It's not fully up but mostly. check it out:

Podcast for the who!

2008-02-24 13:44:39 by ecw-studios

subscribe now!!:

home page:

made this site a while ago. JOIN! HAVE FUN!

sweet site called "sparked"

2008-01-29 18:52:22 by ecw-studios

check out my friends site. to me its good for a beginner

My site update is here!

2007-07-25 14:41:45 by ecw-studios

I just updated my site with a lot more features. For the past week or two I learned more about php/mysql and i was able to add a sign up/login form on my site and a flash email form. Please sign up and post your art and flash. Updates should happen often just as long as you guys could help me!!

site launch delay

2007-07-25 13:47:30 by ecw-studios

Today is the day i am launching my new site so i published my file as a .html file and uploaded it to my site. When i visited my site, it doesn't load the swf file so i have 2 choices to fix it, just use the normal swf and have another page link to it or add a preloader. Im hoping the first option works so i can get it up quickly. When i get it up, ill make another news post, fix the link in my sig (which is currently linked to google), and put it on the front page for more advertisment.


2007-07-23 16:42:48 by ecw-studios

for the past couple of days, ive been having trouble making a register and login forms and finally i edited the php files and actionscripts and it works! I just need to add a couple more things and then finish up the rest of the pages

New site comming soon

2007-07-19 11:43:36 by ecw-studios

I've been working on changing my site for a while, im half way done though. I'm going with a different host and going to try to make most of it flash based.